More than three years after the reintroduction of a US Fish & Wildlife Service wildlife refuge in this region, local farmers are once again working to understand the effort and verify that their concerns will be addressed in a respectful and meaningful way. A workable solution in this area will only be found by working with local landowners and farmers. Understanding the important role that farmers play in protecting the environment is a good first step. These farm families have been here for generations, and they plan to be here long into the future.

Farm Bureau has a long history of working with agencies and stakeholders from the local to the national level. We take pride in sharing the importance of agriculture with those who are unfamiliar. That includes sharing about our relationship with the land and the environment that provides for our families and our communities. There can be mutual understanding only when both sides come together with respect to learn and engage and build on shared priorities. Farm Bureau makes that standard practice and would welcome the opportunity to do the same with US Fish & Wildlife Service staff, from the local to the national level.


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